Practical, Positive, Humorous, Empathetic, Compassionate,
Grounded, and Wise.

Those are the words clients have used to describe
my workshops, trainings, consulting, and coaching services.

Dear Client,

We share a common bond. What we do involves helping others. At times the challenges we face professionally and personally can seem overwhelming and unnavigable. That is why I am committed to doing the work I do which is providing psychoeducation and guidance in my areas of knowledge.

My service will help you understand what’s happening beneath the challenges you see. You will receive practical and universal strategies you can implement the very next day.

I appreciate understanding that the way we do the things we do matters as much as what we do. Whether I am working with teachers, parents, helping professionals, agencies, organizations, or the children themselves, my approach blends mindfulness and compassion with no-nonsense, strength-based, and solution-focused approaches.

Please note: Some challenges may require clinical help from a licensed behavioral healthcare provider. If so, be sure to seek the services of a qualified individual.

With every good and hope-filled wish,